Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Almost there

With these four new Splendid Sampler blocks I'm almost there. Five more to go and I have my one hundred blocks. This one is called Gran's button jar:

Here is Sunshine:

First Purse:

and The Early Bird:

I'm trying to pick the easiest of the remaining patterns, and I may need to check the bonus block possibilities too. Without the support of fellow bloggers I might have given up a long time ago.

This morning I tried to catch the almost full moon in the pale pink sky when the sun was just rising. It is there, between the trees, about one third from the right side:

In the opposite direction the colours were much stronger:

Saturday, 4 February 2017

February fun and some garment sewing

Believe it or not, I don't just sit and knit socks. Before Christmas I did some creative work and designed a protective garment for a very young artist as a Christmas gift.

I used a little girl's dress pattern but  as this is supposed to be an apron with sleeves, the back covers just the shoulders. The material is PU coated so the little guy will remain dry even when he uses watercolours.

Then I have been working on the Splendids again:

As I was itching to see what the suggested sashings would look like, I tried them on a new block:

And I crabbed some more blocks to see how they work together. It seems that my shadow grey is very close to a solid light blue I have used for the blocks and therefore a darker colour would have looked better.

This is what I bought and cut so this it is going to be.

Naturally I have been knitting too, so ten new pairs of baby socks are ready to be delivered.

My very pale blue 100% wool is almost used up, but no end of the project is in sight:

My sister P who is not a knitter, wanted to participate in this national project and bought four big balls of sock wool in blue and white for me to knit on her behalf. This means about 20 or more pairs of new socks. Luckily the Eurosport channel offers so much snooker, tennis and cycling that I will have a cozy time with Mr. K by my side and a knitting in my hands.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Dozens of socks and some blocks

The new year has started with knitting projects so I thought I'll show you some progress on that front first. Remember the Blue and White Baby Socks project? Our area is doing very well, about 47% of the socks needed  have been delivered to the local hospital's maternity ward. This lot is among the socks they already received.

These I took to the Lentävä Lapanen, Flying Mitten, on Wednesday, and they had two baskets full again waiting to be collected.

For Christmas I experimented with coloured yarns and my sock variation of the Aino'S mittens. These were all gifts to friends near and far.

This funny pattern was in a magazine, and I just had to buy some of that rainbow yarn to make them exactly like in the magazine, for someone who loves rainbow colours.

The rest of the burgundy yarn was enough for a pair of socks for our grandson, and he will get a pair of mittens too.

Sock front finally dealt with, I can show the little progress I have made with the Splendid Sampler quilt blocks. I have 79 normal blocks now and 8 bonus ones finished.

We had a late breakfast today, and before that I caught the beautiful pink and blue shades in the sky opposite the almost rising sun.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Day 24

Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for following me this year.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Day 23

A week ago I went to the Cathedral of Helsinki together with our younger son for our favourite musical event, the Christmas Oratorio by J S Bach. We enjoyed the concert very much. It was not allowed to take pictures during the concert so this is just the organ at the back of the church as we were settling down to our places. In the second link you can see the Cantores Minores choir.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Day 22

One last look at the Villa Cooper Christmas. Tiny tonttu elves had taken over one of the fireplaces and were busy with their own Christmas preparations.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Day 21

I forgot to show these horses with the other toys. They are a big hit here, and the girls even have their own races.

About half of our hand knitted wool sock sortiment.

Hand painted china for the Christmas table.